‘Dirty Laundry’ by Disha Bose is the Good Morning America Bookclub pick for April


“Dirty Laundry” by Disha Bose is our “GMA” Book Club pick for April.

The thrilling novel proves that secrets, desires and even blood can all come out in the wash. In her debut novel, Bose reinvents age-old ideas of love and deceit that can make even the most dysfunctional life look so-called “perfect.”

The novel centers on Ciara Dunphy, who appears to have it all — a loving husband, perfect children and a beautiful home in a small Irish village — until she’s found murdered and the pristine facade comes crumbling down.

Ciara’s best friend Mishti Guha, a mother “different” from the others in Ciara’s tight-knit circle, and Lauren Doyle, a mother who finds herself at the butt of most jokes, become unlikely allies.

It seems like everyone has something to gain from Ciara’s murder. In order to avoid blame, friends turn to foes and begin to air each other’s dirty laundry.

For those who are fans of twisted tales like “Big Little Lies,” Bose weaves an intricate fabric of complicated female friendships and the motivations to keep up appearances. Readers will quickly learn — nothing is ever as it seems.