Cork-based author secures six-figure publishing deal for her debut novel

A Cork-based writer looks set for international success after her debut novel was snapped up for publication on both sides of the Atlantic. Disha Bose’s book, Dirty Laundry, was acquired by Viking – part of the Penguin Books group – for an undisclosed six-figure sum for publication in the UK and Ireland, while Ballantine will publish the novel in the US.

Born in India, but living in Ireland for the past six years, Bose is delighted that her debut work has been so eagerly received by the industry.

Dirty Laundry is described as a domestic noir that explores the dark side of suburbia via its mainly female characters. The plot is hinged on the killing queen bee of a clique of mothers, with no shortage of people who would have wanted her dead.

“I explore the complicated roles of couples today, the sometimes uncomfortable dynamics of female friendship, and our ideas of happiness,” said Bose.

The author was also able to draw on her own experiences as a mother living in a different country.  “With one of my characters, in particular, I wanted to examine the immigrant experience of parenthood; what it means to raise your children in a country that isn’t your own,” said Bose.